Gubernatorial Candidate Walt Maddox Unveils Lottery Plan
February 19, 2018
Walt Maddox unveils education lottery plan
February 20, 2018

Walt Maddox Proposal For The Alabama Education Lottery (AEL)

There is no investment of public funds that provides greater return than an investment in education. For too long, Alabama has neglected investment in our children’s education.

As Governor, I will use the power of the office to focus on creating a 21st Century educational system to help prepare our children for competition in the technological age before us.

Without raising taxes, the City of Tuscaloosa has made tremendous strides in accessibility of Pre-K education, creation of innovative learning environments, and maximizing the impact of our investment in education.

The creation of the Alabama Education Lottery will provide $300 million without raising taxes one penny.

This funding will allow: (Click each item to learn more.)

As Governor, I will push for legislation to allow the people to vote on the establishment of the Alabama Education Lottery. I believe the people want a better future for our children and for our state. It is time for the politicians to get out of the way and let the people vote.

In the coming weeks, we will discuss more specifically how we envision the implementation of the programs that will be funded by the AEL. We will seek the input of the best minds in education, workforce development, business and industry to help craft exactly how we utilize the funding from the AEL. But make no mistake, one of my first priorities as Governor will be to let the people make the decision about our future.

It’s time to let the people vote.

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