Walt Maddox Proposal For The Alabama Education Lottery (AEL)
February 19, 2018
Alabama Education Lottery: Scholarships
February 26, 2018

Walt Maddox unveils education lottery plan

Tuscaloosa Mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Walt Maddox on Monday unveiled a plan for a statewide education lottery to help create a 21st Century educational system to help prepare Alabama’s children for competition in the technological age before us.

“There is no investment of public funds that provides greater return than an investment in education. We can transform Alabama’s education system without raising taxes one penny. It’s time the people vote and we implement the Alabama Education Lottery,” Maddox said of his plan.

Alabama Education LotteryAccording to Maddox, the creation of the education lottery will provide $300 million.

    Named the Alabama Education Lottery, this funding will allow:
  • Scholarships for thousands of Alabama students for higher education and workforce development programs.
  • Expansion of the state’s nationally award-winning Pre-K program to all Alabama students.
  • Creation of the Promise Program that helps relieve funding inequities between Alabama’s richest and poorest schools.
  • Creation of Community Innovation Grants to assist schools and regions in utilizing existing medical, mental health, social assistance, and psychological support programs to solve problems that clearly affect the quality of education.
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