Tuscaloosa Mayor introduces Alabama Education Lottery plan
February 19, 2018
Walt Maddox Proposal For The Alabama Education Lottery (AEL)
February 19, 2018

Gubernatorial Candidate Walt Maddox Unveils Lottery Plan

Democratic candidate for governor Walt Maddox has unveiled a plan for a statewide lottery that he says will improve education. In a written statement, he says his proposed Alabama Education Lottery would provide $300 million in school funding without raising taxes.

He says that money would be used to give scholarships for thousands of Alabama students for higher education and workforce development programs, expand the state’s Pre-K program to all Alabama students, create a program to help relieve funding inequities between Alabama’s richest and poorest schools and start community innovation grants to help schools and regions in using medical, mental health, social assistance and psychological support programs to solve problems that affect education.

In the statement, Maddox said, “As Governor, I will push for legislation to allow the people to vote on the establishment of the Alabama Education Lottery. I believe the people want a better future for our children and for our state. It is time for the politicians to get out of the way and let the people vote,” he said.

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