Walt’s Plan to Promote Ethics and Fight Corruption in Government
July 21, 2018
Letter to Gov. Kay Ivey: Proposed Debates for the 2018 Gubernatorial Election
July 24, 2018

Maddox unveils his ethics plan, challenges Ivey to debate like Trump

Alabama Democratic gubernatorial candidate Walt Maddox unveiled an ethics program Saturday to end what he called “one of the most corrupt periods in the history of this state.”

Speaking to the Alabama Press Association in Gulf Shores, the Tuscaloosa mayor also challenged incumbent Gov. Kay Ivey to four debates before the November general election. They would be:

* A debate on public education and economic development

* A debate on heath care, mental health, public safety and infrastructure

* A “town hall meeting” in a major Alabama city.

* A “town hall meeting” in a rural county

‘Grainy video, scary voices’

Maddox predicted Ivey’s campaign would use familiar Republican campaign tactics against him: “grainy video, scary-sounding voices” and “trying to define me as a liberal and someone who has morning coffee with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.” She will hope, he said, that President Trump’s popularity holds out so she can ride his coattails.

“Alabama would benefit if Gov. Ivey displayed the same courage the president did when it comes to debating,” Maddox said. Trump debated Hillary Clinton three times, he said, and he also participated in primary debates before getting the nomination.

Maddox ran down a list of current and recent Alabama scandals: sheriffs “being able to pocket inmates allowances,” “the Robinson, Balch-Bingham trial,” a governor pleading guilty to ethics law violations and resigning, a Speaker of the Hose sentenced to prison for corruption, and a chief justice removed from office for the second time for defying the law.

Maddox said he has been in public office for 17 years with “zero scandals, zero investigations and zero ethical complaints filed.”

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