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July 21, 2018

Walt’s Plan to Promote Ethics and Fight Corruption in Government

Bringing back ethical government in Alabama starts at the top. One commentator recently said Alabama citizens have grown to expect their politicians to be corrupt and so are not that alarmed by the never-ending scandals that led Illinois State University’s Institute for Corruption Studies to rank Alabama as the most corrupt state when it comes to “legal corruption” — conduct by public officials that is technically legal but clearly unethical; and second in “illegal corruption,” […]
January 29, 2018

Trusted Financial Management

Trusted Financial Management When you enter the mayor’s office, you will see posted our Standard of Excellence which outlines our commitment to being the most innovative and effectively managed City in the United States. I believe that most people don’t care about big government versus small government. What people truly want is effective government. At the City of Tuscaloosa, to meet our standard, we have incorporated transparency and accountability in all that we do, especially […]
January 22, 2018

Commitment to our Environment

Growing the economy and protecting the environment are not mutually exclusive. As mayor, we led efforts which reversed decades of inattention by the City of Tuscaloosa. By focusing on results, future generations will have a healthier and more vibrant future. Preserving Lakes for Future Generations Lake Nicol and Harris Lake are secondary drinking water sources for the City, and have a combined six billion gallons of water. In February 2009, our administration passed an Act […]
January 5, 2017

Portal offers residents a trove of information

A new online data portal grants Tuscaloosa residents access to the details of City Hall spending. Now available at, the free-to-access web page is the first of its kind for a municipality in Alabama. Announced last year, this online portal was established to provide information and data on the city’s budgetary revenues and spending as well as up-to-date crime reports and demographics for Tuscaloosa, among other features. Mayor Walter Maddox said it helps fulfill […]