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August 2, 2018

Walt Maddox, Alabama Democrats pitch jobs, education, and health care to AFL-CIO

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Walt Maddox called for Medicaid expansion and stronger ethics laws Thursday, while renewing his call for debates with incumbent Kay Ivey. Speaking before a meeting of the Alabama AFL-CIO in Montgomery, Maddox, the mayor of Tuscaloosa, hit the common themes of his campaign and those of many other Democrats in attendance, with an emphasis on workforce issues before the union members present. “I believe we stand at the crossroads of the past […]
July 21, 2018

Maddox unveils his ethics plan, challenges Ivey to debate like Trump

Alabama Democratic gubernatorial candidate Walt Maddox unveiled an ethics program Saturday to end what he called “one of the most corrupt periods in the history of this state.” Speaking to the Alabama Press Association in Gulf Shores, the Tuscaloosa mayor also challenged incumbent Gov. Kay Ivey to four debates before the November general election. They would be: * A debate on public education and economic development * A debate on heath care, mental health, public […]
July 21, 2018

Walt’s Plan to Promote Ethics and Fight Corruption in Government

Bringing back ethical government in Alabama starts at the top. One commentator recently said Alabama citizens have grown to expect their politicians to be corrupt and so are not that alarmed by the never-ending scandals that led Illinois State University’s Institute for Corruption Studies to rank Alabama as the most corrupt state when it comes to “legal corruption” — conduct by public officials that is technically legal but clearly unethical; and second in “illegal corruption,” […]