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April 16, 2018

Plan for the Opioid Crisis

Like most states, Alabama has been hit hard with opioid abuse and addiction. Indeed, our state has the highest rate of prescription opioid use in the nation, and it’s well established that legitimate use of opioid medication is a leading cause of illicit opioid abuse. But opioids aren’t our only drug problem. Other prescription medications and illegal drugs like crystal meth and cocaine continue to plague our communities. As Governor, one of my first steps […]
April 9, 2018

Improving Mental Health

If we go back in history, to the era of pioneers like Peter Bryce, Senator Lister Hill, and J. T. Searcy, Alabama was once a world leader in mental health services. But despite our bright past, our current mental health system is in crisis. Alabama has betrayed its own legacy of effective and compassionate mental health treatment by continually underfunding mental health services, relying on jails and prisons to house the severely mentally ill, and […]
April 3, 2018

Healthcare Plan for Alabama

As Governor, I will immediately move to expand Medicaid, accepting the offer of federal funds for pennies on the dollar, free money that Alabama has inexplicably and inexcusably refused. These billions of additional dollars will have multiple short and long-term benefits that will save our rural hospitals from further devastating closures and hopefully allow some that have already closed to reopen; provide more and better services to children, the elderly, the disabled, and hardworking people […]
March 29, 2018

Walt Maddox Statement on Alabama House Bill 317

I encourage Governor Ivey to veto HB 317. If she does not reject this attempt to further weaken our ethics laws, it will reinforce Alabama’s standing as one of the most corrupt states in the Union. In the last two years, the Governor, Speaker of the House and House Majority Leader have left office for violating Alabama’s laws. It is moments such as this that define whether Kay Ivey will stand on the right side […]
March 26, 2018

State gubernatorial candidate speaks at CBA luncheon

CHELSEA – Members of the local business community met with Democratic Gubernatorial candidate and Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox at the Chelsea Business Alliance’s monthly luncheon on Wednesday, March 14. At the meeting, Maddox gave a speech that urged Alabama citizens to put aside party politics to improve the quality of life in the state and invest in the future. “People in the end, regardless of their political party, want results,” Maddox said. “The next generation […]
March 23, 2018

Walt Maddox endorsed by former state Sen. Roger Bedford for governor

Former Alabama state Sen. Roger Bedford endorsed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Walt Maddox on Friday, calling the Tuscaloosa mayor a “fresh face we need in Montgomery.” “I know first-hand that Walt Maddox has what it takes,” Bedford said in a statement released by the Maddox campaign. “He has a proven record in Tuscaloosa and is a new fresh face we need in Montgomery. He has the knowledge, demeanor, and work ethic to make a difference and […]